Want to have peace of mind when a hurricane starts brewing? Follow these tips.

As we head into the height of hurricane season now is a good time to check your roof. While some of these items can be checked and rectified easily before a storm arrives, others may take some planning.


What to look for:

1) Are your gutters and drains free of debris?

This is an easy fix, but a big concern. If you have leaves and debris on your roof, the drains can become clogged preventing water from properly running off the building. Water is heavy, and a large volume left sitting on your roof can be a serious structural concern.


2) Do you have trees hanging over your building?

While you’re looking at the leaves and other debris on your roof, consider where it is coming from. Some may come from trees not on your property, but if you have trees with limbs hanging over your roof, consider trimming them. While you cannot control what travels from other property in heavy winds you can control what’s coming from your property.


3) Are your HVAC units properly secured and all parts present?

Check the doors and parts of your HVAC units. Strong winds can open, or cause doors and parts to fall off. Flying metal parts have sharp edges that can damage the membrane of your roof. They can also allow wind driven rain to get into the unit and that water can find its way into the building and come through the ceiling, similar to a leaking roof.


4) Do you have any loose metal flashing or coping along the perimeters and corners of the roof?

Typically, this is the main cause of a roof being lifted off a building. The wind gets under the roof and simply peels it back or in some cases peels the entire roof off the structure leaving your building completely exposed.


5) Do all the seams along the roof appear to be heat-welded or fully-adhered?

This is another area where water can seep into the building or where wind can get under your roof and cause it to lift up an area or the entire roof system.


Many building owners have never been on their roof, and many don’t want to! If that’s you, then Curtis Construction’s DataROOF program is your roof maintenance solution.  A preventative roof maintenance and inspection service, DataROOF puts a qualified roofer on your building to check out the above concerns and more. Routine maintenance saves you money by revealing issues before you experience a leak, protects your property inside the building caused by water damage, and prolongs the life of your roof.


After a thorough inspection, the contractor will provide you with photos of the roof. These photos will document the overall condition of the roof and enables you to see what they have seen during their inspection. While viewing the images they can best explain how to address any issues found. This will help you make the best possible decisions to keep your roof in good working order.


If your roof is older, and you’ve already started to experience leaks, a DataROOF inspection can help you determine if it’s time to replace your roof or what can be done to get more life from the roof you currently have.


Contact Curtis Construction today to get a DataROOF estimate. Or click here to learn more about benefits and service options available. In business for more than 60 years in Eastern North Carolina, trust your roof to the professionals at Curtis Construction.