Annual Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofs

A properly designed flat roof is essential for a commercial property. The roof is the most important investment and is home to all commercial air conditioning units and other utilities.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your roof and avoid unwanted leaks, emergency repairs, interior damage, and disruption to business.


Trim Trees
Trees and vegetation surrounding the flat roof can increase the risk of damage. For example, a limb or tree could potentially fall on your commercial building. Additionally, falling leaves and debris will contaminate your roof and shorten its life cycle. Our advice is to have a professional trim back trees that could potentially affect the roof.

Trees can damage a commercial roof


Prevent Ponding Water
It is very important that flat roofs are draining water efficiently. Ponding water on your commercial building will accelerate the membrane wear, create excessive weight load to the structure, and could cause a roof to collapse.  Make sure to have your roof inspected by a professional at Curtis Construction on a regular basis. If you are concerned that there is already ponding water, calling an expert is even more important; as large amounts of standing water may have already compromised your roof. Our experienced roofers can safely remove any water on your roof and offer a long-term solution.

Membrane deterioration on commercial roof


Clear All Debris
While leaves, limbs, and other debris may not seem like a big deal on your flat roof, over time this debris can retain moisture which will encourage ponding and lead to larger problems. Make sure to have a professional inspect your roof to ensure there is no debris present.

Roof drain covered/clogged


Join DataROOF
We never recommend a property owner attempt to get on their own roof. We know the status of your roof is often overlooked until there is a leak or other emergency. That’s why we created DataROOF. DataROOF is a preventative roof maintenance and inspection program designed to maximize the service life of your most costly asset. DataROOF protects your most important assets: personnel, equipment, and the building’s interior.


To learn more about roof maintenance or to join our DataROOF program, contact Curtis Construction today!

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